Happy 5 Years, Pixiegift Fashions

While Pixiegift Fashions isn’t a multi-million-gabillion dollar business, I’m still so proud of how far it has come. From fashion shows, magazine features, collaborations and more, PGF has become a success in its own right.

My journey as a designer hasn’t been perfect— some months I don’t make sales, I give items to people for blog or post sponsorships and they never uphold their end of the bargain (and don’t talk to me ever again), partnerships I established get dissolved without no warning or reason, I get rejection letters from fashion shows I apply for, etc. Not to emotion the stress of running a side business (creating and building my items, marketing, vending, photos and editing, etc.) while holding down my full time job and an art gig. If it wasn’t for the patience of my friends and family and the love and support from my husband I probably would have made it this far; I thank you all.

This is not to say that my fashion journey is over. I have been planning shows, projects and commissions  through June 2019 and I’m so excited to show you all what I’ve been working on and planning. It’s baffling enough I was able to reach my 2018 goals but that only makes me want to keep moving forward with PGF for this new year! My 2019 goals are:

– Add all currently made items to the shop and allow for garments to be made via commission
– Hold a geek fashion or geek business panels at convention
– Create a google form for collaborators (models, bloggers, H/MUAs, stylists, designers) to submit if they want to reach out to work with me
– Create Pixiegift Fashions logo shirts
– Get a button maker
– Start a Twitch channel

I feel that these are realistic but still ambitious goals for a whole year! As always, keep up with me on this blog, social media and Patreon to stay in the loop! Also, if you’re ever itching to support my fashion antics, you can do so using my Ko-Fi!

Before I end this post, here is some info on my giveaway! Go on over to the link at the bottom of this post to enter and win:

– a Pixiegift Fashions scrunchie
– a Pixiegift Fashions Bow clip/pin OR Bowtie
– a Pixiegift Fashions bag
– three 4×6 signed Pixiegift Fashions prints
– a Espionage Cosmetics nail wrap set (I’m an affiliate and get paid if you buy from them using my link!)
– a Blushing Rose Moisturizing Hand Cream

Thank you all for joining me for 2018; good luck with the giveaway! Contest ends February 24th and a winner will be chosen on February 25th!

❤ GIVEAWAY: http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/e6d128b91/?

Saying ‘hello’ to 2019…

I haven’t started the blouse for my Steampunk design for March, but I basically got two of my three December goals down– I’m calling that a success!

I’ll keep this brief and send out some special shoutouts:

  • Thank you for everyone who agreed to collaborate with me and went through with it– your support and your integrity is worth more than money and fame and it’s honestly super rare to see nowadays. I hope to work with you all again in 2019!
  • To the family and friends who have stuck around and supported me this year– thank you for being here for this wild ride of me never going anywhere because I’m prepping for a shoot/show/event/etc. I needed it more than you know and I appreciate every drop of patience you used for me.
  • To my husband, who is actually, like, 30% of this brand– thank you for being there every fashion show, calming me down when I’m panicking, your love and being the voice of reason whenever I’m in a difficult spot. I wouldn’t be where I am as a designer or a person without you; you complete me and I love you.

I’ve been busy with my performance gig that I’ve decided to make my giveaway on Pixiegift Fashions’s In January for my brand’s 5th birthday! I have to make some accessories to giveaway with the makeup and then do a raffle :]. January will be used to focus on my steampunk design. For all of 2019, I plan to support more geeky business owners and go a little easier on myself.

Let’s all do our best to make 2019 our year! ❤

Remembering November

The reason why this post is late is because my laptop’s wifi card died and I was putting off logging into my blog’s account via the computer because it’s ‘too much of a hassle’. But those are super lies. I’ll be transferring my things on my laptop to my desktop soon.

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October Blur

This month was a blur. It was neither fast nor slow for me and all the days unfortunately blended together. I’m thankful for all the commissions I got to do this month and I am excited for my plans for the next few months!

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Officially another month closer to 2019

July was chaotic, but I didn’t want that to stop me from posting this on time. I’ve discovered a lot about myself as an artist and a person this month, and I want to share it all with you as well as my adventures at San Diego Comic Con.

I have decided and have been actively working on taking a large leap to seek out a new environment— at least for 40 hours of my week. I want to put it here in writing now: I can and like multitasking, and I feel that I can do it well. I like being a designer, a stylist, a sometimes model, learning circus hoop tricks, performing and being active in local theatre in some capacity. My life is multitasking different artistic mediums, and that’s the only part of my life I want to multitask. So I’m adjusting aspects of my life to make more room and better fund my artistic endeavors, which I’m excited about! Hopefully for next month’s post I will have an announcement to share with you about this topic! 🙂

I had some successes and learning experiences at SDCC2018. First, I was invited to sponsor and vendor for Crazy 4 Comic Con’s Game of Bloggers Season 4 event and it was exhilarating! Vending at an event has been a goal I set for myself at the beginning of this year, and if my husband didn’t encourage me to accept the offer to vendor I would have turned it down. When I received the offer to vendor, I was going to turn it down because I didn’t think I had anything to sell at the event; I was planning on just being a guest at the event and throw business cards at everyone within a 15 yard radius of me. But after discussing all our options, and me deciding to commit any free time I had to create products (its only me; I have no factory or employees to help me) I agreed to do the event. To vendor at an SDCC event is a blessing, and I’m glad that I agreed to do it and put that time and energy into making it as successful as it was. I sold some products, met some people, and learned a lot about selling and marketing things to people in person.

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