So much to say about June…

Wow! This was a hard blog post to write, and it has been stuck in Draft limbo for weeks now. When I first was writing this blog post, I was in a very dark place; June has been the hardest month for me so far this year. June has reminded me of all my failures and has shaken my fighting spirit. All the shows I’ve applied for, but was rejected. All the emails I sent, with no response back. All the hard work I put into what I do, to be challenged as being careless, inefficient and dimwitted. It’s rough, to say the least. I wish I didn’t care as much as I did about my failures, and I’m (re)learning to just shake it off and continuing to move forward. Being upset has taken so much of my energy and my time– two things I need to be dedicating to other projects.

I forget how easy it is to focus on the negative of everything, so I want to use the rest of this blog post to talk about everything good that happened in June. I know June has been the hardest month so far this year, but it has also brought me another fashion show to be a part of as well as open my eyes to the possibility that I am more talented, driven, smart than I thought I was. I’m working very hard to make sure that I am chasing a Secret Big New Opportunity responsibly, so I will post next month what it is after I research the opportunity and make a decision on whether I can or cannot do it.

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Month of May

It’s now May and I finished The Merchant of Venice! I got to use my hoop skills for the show as one of my characters and I cannot wait to continue with this hobby. It’s a nice relaxing physical activity to do in between my work. Now that I’m done with acting, I can dye my hair back to pink! Pink is a part of my identity and my brand, so I love to wear it as much as possible!

As you can see from my social media, I will not be showcasing for the Her Universe Fashion Show at San Diego Comic Con this year. But I still plan on making these looks and do a 12-13 piece collection for future fashion shows! This collection is full of Bioshock-influenced dresses with Art Deco prints with 1920s-60s silhouettes with the exception of the Elizabeth dress, which is more of a Victorian/Steampunk look. I’m hoping to take up embroidery as well as use that skill for this collection!

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See you later, April!

I was determined to get this post out on the last day of April. I have quite a bit to talk about!

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March 2018: Learning Lessons

In February’s post, I mentioned that I’m back in school. I am still working full time and designing on top of that. And darn it, I am really starting to feel the weight of everything. But to say this juggling act is rewarding would be a grave understatement. I am incredibly fortunate to be pushed as a person, an adult, an artist, and a business woman and with all the stress that has entered my life, I have to remember these are just lessons I will learn from. The lessons may not be easy or straightforward at first, but they’re there to make me a better person in the end of everything. Still, if my Museum of Ice Cream trip from February taught me anything, it’s that you still need to make to to be a kid.

So my husband and I took a trip to The Color Factory in San Francisco! Although it didn’t have as many treats as The Museum of Ice Cream, the art installation was extremely interactive! There were even cameras in some of the colorful rooms– that means I didn’t have to rely on my camera for photos of that day! The photos are great to post to Instagram, and to the right is a photo I had to edit in Photoshop Elements so it would work with the blog. It was whimsical and just what I needed to reignite what I needed for what is coming up for me in April. Early April will be Silicon Valley Comic Con’s Geek Fashion Show, where I will be showing a new collection! Then right after that will be the opening of The Merchant of Venice (I am getting units for my degree by being a part of this production!).

After those two events, who knows? Maybe I’ll be a vendor for a con? Maybe I will do another fashion show? Stay tuned– hopefully I find out soon :]