August 2017 Check In…

Hello everyone!

July was a pretty hectic month…

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Long time, no blog…

Hello everyone!

I have been neglecting this blog again, so I am going to use this post to catch you up on what I’ve been doing!

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Working on future projects…

Sup, readers!

I have been working on a new collection, as I promised. I’m hoping to show it off in the Summer. I also recently had the chance to sort through all my fabric and am really planning on making some great stuff for the shop (it really needs to be updated).

One thing I really want to work on is organizing my fashion show kits– I need a hefty suitcase to carry things such as a steamer, my camera/recording equipment, etc. I’ve been really tempted to get a Fravel— not only is it cute, but it matches a lot of my designs! You can pre-order these cute travel suitcases here.

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New Year, New Opportunities

Hello, everyone!

I started off 2017 with a new experience as the designer for PGF– I had the opportunity to do color commentary for a fashion show! Geek Fashion Show invited me to SacAnime Winter 2017 to work alongside Sean Long and the DJ DaRealWordSound. I documented this experience via SnapChat (pixiegiftfshns) and Instagram (pixiegiftfashions). You can see the highlights below the cut!

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Redesigning the Designer

I think I’ve found my calling with Geek Fashion.

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Big thanks to Geek Fashion Show and SacAnime for having my collection on their runway! I appreciate how organized the event was, the full house, the talent (hair, makeup, models, DJ, designers, photographers, etc.), the advertisement and exposure, and for making us all feel safe and accepted. I had a ton of fun, met a lot of great individuals, and felt genuinely fulfilled. ❤

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I plan to work even harder this year to reach goals and make art!  I hope you all will stay tuned for PGF in 2015!

Application Deadline: July 12th 2014. 11:59pm PST

Photo by Ken Shames

Model application: here (please read the app all the way through– failure to follow directions will result in your application being rejected).

SacAnime’s info: here.

Fashion Show info: here.

e-mail (questions, head/body shots*):

*(if you’ve modeled for me before, please still fill out the application so I have your contact info on file– you do not have to send me a head/body shot)


*Friday badge compensation ($30) will be provided for models ONLY IF they buy a Friday badge– no money whatsoever will be compensated for any model with any other badge.