See you later, April!

I was determined to get this post out on the last day of April. I have quite a bit to talk about!

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Where has the time gone?

I completely missed September’s blog post. Opps.

Stockton-Con 2017 | Photo by Douggary Grant

Stockton-Con 2017 | Photo by Douggary Grant

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Working on future projects…

Sup, readers!

I have been working on a new collection, as I promised. I’m hoping to show it off in the Summer. I also recently had the chance to sort through all my fabric and am really planning on making some great stuff for the shop (it really needs to be updated).

One thing I really want to work on is organizing my fashion show kits– I need a hefty suitcase to carry things such as a steamer, my camera/recording equipment, etc. I’ve been really tempted to get a Fravel— not only is it cute, but it matches a lot of my designs! You can pre-order these cute travel suitcases here.

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Redesigning the Designer

I think I’ve found my calling with Geek Fashion.

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Big thanks to Geek Fashion Show and SacAnime for having my collection on their runway! I appreciate how organized the event was, the full house, the talent (hair, makeup, models, DJ, designers, photographers, etc.), the advertisement and exposure, and for making us all feel safe and accepted. I had a ton of fun, met a lot of great individuals, and felt genuinely fulfilled. ❤

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SacAnime – Summer 2014’s J-Fashion Runway (Fashion Show)


I’m taking 2015 to reflect on the work I’ve done in 2014, and I can still honestly say that I’m really proud of the fashion show I ran, showcased and modeled in last summer. SacAnime is an anime convention that is dear to my heart, and it’s fashion show is really important to me so it was an honor to have run it. I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to coordinating the fashion show—my heart is with designing, not event managing. However, I don’t think that someone shouldn’t try coordinating it; it’d be a shame to have the event not exist at the con.

The J-Fashion Runway is a great event for those who style their own outfits as well as designers. The self-styling portion, the ‘coordinate’ portion, is great because you should be able to walk the runway even if you’re not a designer or a model. Styling is still an important factor in fashion, and when individuals such as Evangelina Ray take the runway in their self-styled outfits you get to see your already-established favorite j-fashion brands like Baby, The Stars Shine Bright on the catwalk.

SacAnime’s runway was the second runway I’ve presented my designs on, so it was a honor to be part of the show! I hope to have my designs take the catwalk again someday in the future!

Photo: Ivan Aburto (SacAnime Summer 2014's Japanese Fashion ('J-Fashion') Runway Fashion Show

Photo: Ivan Aburto (SacAnime Summer 2014’s Japanese Fashion (‘J-Fashion’) Runway Fashion Show | Model: Katherine B.

Photo: Ivan Aburto (SacAnime Summer 2014's Japanese Fashion ('J-Fashion') Runway Fashion Show

Photo: Ivan Aburto (SacAnime Summer 2014’s Japanese Fashion (‘J-Fashion’) Runway Fashion Show | Model:  Laura B.

Photo: Ivan Aburto (SacAnime Summer 2014's Japanese Fashion ('J-Fashion') Runway Fashion Show

Photo: Ivan Aburto (SacAnime Summer 2014’s Japanese Fashion (‘J-Fashion’) Runway Fashion Show | Model: Angelina G.

Designers that also took the runway astounded the crowd with their creativity. Lissa & Leigh has a great mix of classic and sweet looks that appeared as if they jumped right out of a fairy tale and onto the runway. Second place winner Hilltribefusion showcased some avant-garde twists to j-fashion on the catwalk that illustrated the magical world of Alice in Wonderland. Intoxique brought together Greek mythology and Lolita fashion in a beautiful way that captured the essence of the female goddesses in which the designs were named after. Third place winner Lacey Taylor showed cased a creepy-cute fairy kei mini-collection that presented functional yet fashionable streetwear that all girls would adore wearing. First place winner Scarlett Rose presented a traditional Japanese apparel collection full of crimson kimonos that won the crowd over with her craftsmanship. Crowd-favorite Carlyfornia took the catwalk with a fun and eclectic mix of designs that captured many different j-fashion styles.

Although designer Cyril Lumboy couldn’t make it to the show, she sent a handful of Dolldelight designs to have showcased for the event. Dolldelight always draws in a crowd due to its popularity and this event was no exception!

The show couldn’t have been what it was if it wasn’t for the staff and volunteers. Former Sacramento Fashion Week editor-in-chief and blogger Bridgett Rex and fashion model and cosplayer Synthia Sumlin judged the show. The lovely MC was the ever-stylish Cimone and the event was photographed by the talented Ivan Aburto. Stephanie Hymiller did an amazing job with Hilltribefushion’s hair and she is a gifted hair and makeup artist. And last but not least, magazine Pretty in Petticoats was kind enough to have an article of our show in their Winter 2014 issue for the world to see!

For those who didn’t get to see the event live, here’s the video recording of it– thank you, Dragon Anime’s Movies for posting it!

Filling in the Blanks: A Recap

It’s about time I’ve updated everyone formally via the blog.

SacAnime J-Fashion Runway has been over for a bit now and I can honestly say that the experience of running, presenting and modeling during the show was incredibly rewarding.  I want to independently run fashion shows for PGF and this was a good first run on event coordinating.  As stated here, I won’t be returning to do the fashion shows at SacAnime as a coordinator, but I would love to come back as a competing designer– I’d like to think I have a shot, but I really don’t want (or like) to get cocky.

Here are some stills of what I presented at SacAnime Summer 2014’s J-Fashion Runway– photographer Ivan Aburto was a pleasure to work with and if he didn’t reside in SoCal I would work with him more often.  His Flickr can be found here:


My models Katherine, Laura and Angelina did well on the runway and I couldn’t have been happier!  Video of the runway show can be found here.

Aside from the fashion show, I updated the shop– feel free to take a look (!  I’ve decided to just stick with things I make rather than being a buyer and designer– my heart isn’t with buying.  I highly respect buyers, but I know that it’s just not for me.

Meanwhile, I am phoneless for the time being– my iPhone is how I mostly access the internet, e-mail, take photos for the shop and Instagram, etc. so I will be trying to update to the best of my ability until this all gets fixed.  Hopefully correcting this issue won’t be a huge dent in my savings– besides moving out, getting a car and other adult needs/wants that one saves up for I’m hoping to get my hands on a nice DSLR camera so I can start doing my own photo shoots.   With updates, it may be a while, but I have my laptop and (hopefully) free time in-between classes (my last semester has started at Sacramento State!) to manually post updates to keep the brand’s internet presence active.

Thank you all again for sticking with me so far– I hope to keep you all entertained and interested in PGF as I continue my journey of building this brand to it’s fullest potential!