Saying ‘hello’ to 2019…

I haven’t started the blouse for my Steampunk design for March, but I basically got two of my three December goals down– I’m calling that a success!

I’ll keep this brief and send out some special shoutouts:

  • Thank you for everyone who agreed to collaborate with me and went through with it– your support and your integrity is worth more than money and fame and it’s honestly super rare to see nowadays. I hope to work with you all again in 2019!
  • To the family and friends who have stuck around and supported me this year– thank you for being here for this wild ride of me never going anywhere because I’m prepping for a shoot/show/event/etc. I needed it more than you know and I appreciate every drop of patience you used for me.
  • To my husband, who is actually, like, 30% of this brand– thank you for being there every fashion show, calming me down when I’m panicking, your love and being the voice of reason whenever I’m in a difficult spot. I wouldn’t be where I am as a designer or a person without you; you complete me and I love you.

I’ve been busy with my performance gig that I’ve decided to make my giveaway on Pixiegift Fashions’s In January for my brand’s 5th birthday! I have to make some accessories to giveaway with the makeup and then do a raffle :]. January will be used to focus on my steampunk design. For all of 2019, I plan to support more geeky business owners and go a little easier on myself.

Let’s all do our best to make 2019 our year! ❤

Remembering November

The reason why this post is late is because my laptop’s wifi card died and I was putting off logging into my blog’s account via the computer because it’s ‘too much of a hassle’. But those are super lies. I’ll be transferring my things on my laptop to my desktop soon.

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October Blur

This month was a blur. It was neither fast nor slow for me and all the days unfortunately blended together. I’m thankful for all the commissions I got to do this month and I am excited for my plans for the next few months!

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Wedding Vendors

Hello, everyone!

I am back and ready to roll after such an amazing wedding and honeymoon in Hawaii!  To start off February, I am going to post about the amazing fashion-related vendors that worked with us for our wedding.  The complete list of vendors can be found on our wedding blog, here (most are Sacramento-area specific): [].

Wedding Venue, Linens, Decor, Wedding Planner, Creme Brûlée, and Catering: 
Florist and Decor Rentals:
Viola’s Floral Design

Wedding Photographer:
BPCarey Photography

Bride’s Hair and Makeup (Engagement shoot and Wedding):

Bride’s Gown and Headband:

Bride’s Shoes:



(engagement ring, wedding bands)
Ben Bridge’s earrings)

Groom’s Tuxedo:
Men’s Wearhouse
Bride’s Bouquet, Sash Clip, Corsages, Boutonnieres and Hawaii Beach Ceremony Dress:
DIY work by the bride