October Blur

This month was a blur. It was neither fast nor slow for me and all the days unfortunately blended together. I’m thankful for all the commissions I got to do this month and I am excited for my plans for the next few months!

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Belated August Post

My life has been moving forward at full force and the dust is now starting to (somewhat) settle. The month of August was so chaotic that I forgot to post about it before we transitioned into September!

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Wedding Vendors

Hello, everyone!

I am back and ready to roll after such an amazing wedding and honeymoon in Hawaii!  To start off February, I am going to post about the amazing fashion-related vendors that worked with us for our wedding.  The complete list of vendors can be found on our wedding blog, here (most are Sacramento-area specific): [http://seanandginaiwata.blogspot.com/p/thank-you_22.html].

Wedding Venue, Linens, Decor, Wedding Planner, Creme Brûlée, and Catering: 
Florist and Decor Rentals:
Viola’s Floral Design

Wedding Photographer:
BPCarey Photography

Bride’s Hair and Makeup (Engagement shoot and Wedding):

Bride’s Gown and Headband:

Bride’s Shoes:



(engagement ring, wedding bands)
Ben Bridge
http://www.benbridge.com/(bride’s earrings)

Groom’s Tuxedo:
Men’s Wearhouse
Bride’s Bouquet, Sash Clip, Corsages, Boutonnieres and Hawaii Beach Ceremony Dress:
DIY work by the bride

Wedding Checklist

If you are reading this, I am probably chained down to my bride responsibilities since I am married woman at the end of this week!

For those looking for wedding budget help, I’ve previously blogged about that here.  What this post is about is my checklist of what vendors, items, expenses, etc. that goes into a wedding.  If you are trying to plan a wedding, I will do my best to give you a complete list of things you may want for your Big Day!

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Wedding Update…

I’m revisiting this blog; I plan to be more active on it.  At first, I was hoping to use this as just a marketing platform, but I think I need to start utilizing this to add some personality to the face behind these fairytale-inspired designs.

I’m going to be a Mrs. in four months; it’s exciting!  I’m doing some DIY Bride stuff like I wanted and have been looking to keep the wedding as close to our budget as possible as well as have a lovely Special Day.  To those who are planning their wedding but are also counting their pennies- I feel you.  If you’re stuck with how to have a nice wedding without spending a fortune, I recommend the following…

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