Redesigning the Designer

I think I’ve found my calling with Geek Fashion.

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Big thanks to Geek Fashion Show and SacAnime for having my collection on their runway! I appreciate how organized the event was, the full house, the talent (hair, makeup, models, DJ, designers, photographers, etc.), the advertisement and exposure, and for making us all feel safe and accepted. I had a ton of fun, met a lot of great individuals, and felt genuinely fulfilled. ❤

My latest collection utilized some of my designs from Sacramento Fashion Week (2015) and reinvented them to reflect both the designer I am right now and the designer I was just a little over a year ago. I personally feel that I have grown a lot since 2015– in patience, in perspective, and in skill. However, ‘2015 Gina’ and ‘2016 Gina’ both love Sanrio! Five out of my nine looks from this Hello Kitty collection are brand new designs. All of my sweet pastels looks have a Hello Kitty textile that was actually my old bed sheets! The hot pink lycra featured in a lot of my sassy nighttime looks is actually me making the best of an accident. I made a mermaid tail recently and instead of getting 5 feet of the lycra (so I was supposed to buy 2.5 – 3 yards), but I accidently purchased five yards (15 feet) of it! I thankfully got the textile pretty cheap (via couponing) so the price didn’t indicate to me that I was buying too much fabric as I was being helped by the cashier/clerk. It was a happy accident that paid off later :]!

Lastly, during late November/December 2015 I was part of a corset-making workshop where I made the corset for my finale piece. I was making the corset for a Zatanna cosplay, but I couldn’t pass up putting it on the runway. It’s steel-boned and my first time ever using steel boning and my very first time making a corset. I’m super proud of the finished product!

I am sadly missing my model who opened my part of the fashion show, but she and the outfit can be viewed at Agent P G33ktography’s Facebook and AMPortune Photography’s Facebook.

I was designing for people who wanted to be cute for different occasions. I also was designing on a budget, so I had to recycle looks, textiles, and coupon like the wind! Honestly though, this is my favorite collection that I’ve done so far! It got a lot of complements before/during/after the show!

My mother was a saint by helping press/steam my outfits as well as do the hems and correct my mistakes that I made in my moments of frustration. We also got to bond, tell stories, and laugh a lot the night before the show when we finished everything at midnight on the dot. My mother is extremely talented with sewing and has a great eye for symmetry, color, and design so I was truly swelling with pride when she would gush over some of my looks for the Geek Fashion Show.

My husband has been very patient and supportive in my fashion endeavors (and everything, for that matter). I couldn’t have asked for a better partner. His sister also was kind enough to model for me! She wore an amazing lace overlay over a chic black and gingham dress. It was one of my favorite looks to make, and even though she has never done runway, she did an amazing job rocking the catwalk and working the camera! I am honestly proud of her and all my models for embracing my collection and giving it life to a packed room!

If you notice my photos in the slideshow above, three of my looks have an asterisk (*) by their caption. I am thinking of selling these looks. For my other looks, I would be open to making different variations of them (same design, different textiles). I still have plenty of Hello Kitty gingham and hot pink lycra, and would love to dress some super kawaii individuals in them! Have some thoughts on what I could sell? Interested in a comission? Hit me up and comment this post! 


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