A Girl and Her Door

I’ve been wanting to do outfit posts with my Canon T5 Rebel for a while!

In this set, I wore a top I made for my first fashion show ever! I haven’t made another one since due to time, money, interest, material, etc., but if I get enough interest in this, I may start making them for the shop!  The skirt, however, is something I’ve owned for about four years now that I got at some Forever-21-esque shop.  I understand the construction of the skirt now, and plan to make a new one for myself and donate this one.  I’m trying to cut down on my shopping and cull out the excess of my life– I’m staring with my clothes, makeup and other fashion-related items.  I’m also hoping that the empty spaces in the closet will encourage me to sew more, decrease the sizes of the fabric mountains in my room, and to add more of my own creations to my wardrobe!

I shot this set on a day which I stayed in, did my taxes, filled out job apps, and cleaned out my makeup bag to try to get rid of anything old, empty, not needed, etc.  Which meant trying on some makeup to determine if I wanted to keep the lipstick, eyeliner, etc. or not.  So I’m wearing some makeup in these shots, and I wanted to do something since I made the effort to paint my face that day.  Hence, I planned out an outfit and got out my camera and my tripod!  These photos are a result of that day as well as me learning how to use photoshop.

Sacramento is starting to get warm again, so I figured that this outfit would be something I’d wear if I were to go out on a sunny day!  I still like the girly and romantic aesthetic, so this outfit is a product of that!

If you’re interested in a romantic tulle skirt to prance around in, I linked a few suggestions below to click!  Enjoy~

**This blog post contains affiliate links; if you make a purchase after clicking through my links, I will be compensated! Thank you!**

Turning in Tulle Skirt in Peach
Tulle of the Trade Skirt in Blanc

Tulle of the Trade Skirt in Noir
Pointe of View Skirt in Latte


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