More about me… (part one)

Sometimes, people want to know about the people behind a piece of art or consumer product or whatever.  I don’t know if its selfish, but I don’t really want to give those people an answer about me (if they even ask– which they hardly do).  But they say that the most successful advertising is ones that aren’t just about the product but about the people behind it.  I don’t see it as a crime that I’m not going to spill my guts out to millions of strangers on the internet.  I don’t want people who have never met me to know me as intimately as my soon-to-be husband or my parents.  I do want to show you that I’m human and more than just a machine that binds fabric together with thread.  Incase you haven’t been following my Instagram and am curious about me, here’s some info I don’t mind sharing with the world.

1. I like video games.

Mostly RPGs.  I like Pokemon, Borderlands, Final Fantasy and most Nintendo titles.  I currently own a PS4, Nintendo Wii and a DS and an XBox 360 and I have not desire to buy an XBox One.  I play World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2 on my PC and a little bit of League of Legends.  My most played video games at the moment are Animal Crossing (New Leaf) and the new DC Comics MOBA called Infinite Crisis.  I mainly play support/controller (Zatanna) in IC or a defensive tank/enforcer (Atomic Poison Ivy), though I have an assassin/jungler (Gaslight Catwoman), AP carry/blaster (Star Sapphire) and an AD carry/marksmen (Mecha Wonder Woman) (I’ve yet to find a offensive tank/bruiser that has stuck with me).

Both my husband-to-be and I play games with each other so I’ve never playing a lane or level or quest or objective alone.  Like sewing and sketching designs, I like video games since I like being active with my hands.  I don’t like going out, so my free time is usually spent inside playing games.  However, I’m trying to be more social.  I think thats why I go to anime/manga, comic book and gaming conventions– it’s easier to be social with the people around you have similar interests to the same degree as you.


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