It’s my off-season…

I have this blog, so I should use it more.

For those who just hopped on board the PGF train, I’m Gina AKA the brain behind the fashion line.  I’m doing my best to become an ‘artist’; whether I’m there or not is debatable (mostly a debate with myself).  I’m trying to do this fashion thing my way– I’m designing, sewing, styling, prepping, and now modeling and shooting everything and I’m never moving from Sacramento.  I take models for shows (when I do fashion shows) but I’m starting to model and now shoot for myself so I can have photos whenever I want.  Maybe I’m impatient or a control freak, but I’m 23 years young and I have a few more years of being young enough that being stubborn, making mistakes and being stupid is socially acceptable.

I’m currently done designing for the year– for the most part.  I’ve found my soulmate and we’re currently planning to tie the knot and I’m aiming to be a DIY bride– especially when it comes to how I will look on That Special Day.  Most of my design ‘talent’ (hahaha… okay, maybe I need a little more self confidence when it comes to being and owning that I am a fashion designer) will be going to making sure that I have my dream wedding– a concept I never really had until the last year.  My wedding is my private life, so I’m sorry in advance that photos will not be up on this blog or my Instagram; I want to keep my private life as private as possible from my Artsy/Professional life.

With all of that said, after discussing things with the man who was bold enough to Put a Ring on It, I’ve decided that I won’t to do any more fashion shows or events this year that will take time away from planning the wedding as well as steal any more sanity left in my mental bank that will keep me from going Bridezilla in 2016.

I don’t want to be known as just someone who keeps pushing her hidden style agenda into her personal life, so for those who are reading this from one of my social media accounts (hi mom and dad!) I promise you that I’m still a human being underneath the petticoats, makeup, wigs, fake lashes and neo-Rococo apparel.  I’m not a bot trying to invade your social media dashboards to advertise products to you.  I wrote this to make sure people can still connect with me, yet I’m still trying to keep my distance so my personal life is still mine to take refuge in when I’m not chained down to a sewing machine at the wee hours of the late night/early morning for some showcase.

Anyways, I need to get back to Real Life.  Sorry to anyone reading this and is getting cold vibes from my humor– I know how to be snarky and sarcastic and punny and I would like to save you from that third style of humor because it’s truly awful (and it keeps me from being invited back from dinner parties).  I’m trying to be funny, not mean but regardless if I was able to make you laugh or not I’m still planning to keep my day job.

Later days!




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